This description provides information of ancient sites, seaside resorts, churches, monasteries, landscapes and small towns and villages. Additional details can be found in various books printed on Greece, such as the 'Blue Guide to Greece.' The names of places conform to the accented Greek pronounciation which would be the one a traveller would face upon a potential visit.

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Florina Canton (named after its principal town, Fl�rina) is the northern most part of Makedon�a, bordering on the republic of FYROM and containing the northern parts of the Vernon mountain and many lakes. Mountainous in terrain, it is a great place to visit both in the winter and the summer.
In ancient times, the area was inhabited by the "Ligist�s", a dynasty born by Vromer�s, part of which family was Euridipi, the mother of Philip the 2nd. The family was closely knit, judging by the fact that even the murderers if King Philip 2nd, were Liggist�s. The area gave birth to fanous warriors such as P�rdikas, two Generals of Alexander the Great, Leon�tos and Krater�. The Romans took over the area subsequently only to be succeeded by the Byzantians. In the 20th century, Fl�rina was liberated in 1912 and became part of modern Greece.
There are daily buses both from Athens (10 hours) and Thesaloniki(4 hours) as well as trains that terminate in Fl�rina (info on: 01/524-0646 or 031/517517). Local transport includes buses to Edessa, Koz�ni and Kastori� (Info: 0385/22430).
Things to do, in the winter include hiking to the nearest refuge on Mount Vernon, at an altitude of 1650 meters (5000 feet), which can take 70 people (info on 0385/22354). Skiing is also possible and there are two ski lifts in operation. In the summer hiking and discovering the town are highlights as are trips to nearby towns and villages, especially Niki at the border.

The Zoo is a major sight which includes Lions, and Tigers as well as Mediterranean bears, the Modern Art Museum, the Museum of Florina Painters and the Archaeological Museum to name a few.

NIKI This border town conbtains a beautiful Ksen�na (Pension), designed and built in a specific way typical of the area. In addition there is a small folk museum well worth visiting.

PRESPES A landmark town with very nicely kept Byzantian churches, including the triple church of the Twelve Apostles as well as the Church of Sainbt Dimitri and Saint George. In addition, the church of Panagia Eleousa (Virgin Mary, the Divine) was biult in 1410 within the confines of a natural cave. The Pr�spa lake nearby is home to many types of bird and fish. No less than 17 fish types, and 250 bird types inhabit these wonderful waters. Fish includes Perch and Mpr�na, a type of local fish only found here. Lake Pr�spa is divided between the three bordering nations, each one having roughly one third.

Aracheological museums, a beatutiful picture of the holy grail and a spa complete an interesting village, well worth seeing in the far north west corner of Greece.

Agios Germanos
Prespes, 0385/51320
Monastiri, 0385/22242
Modestios Ksenonas, 0385/61345.
Ellinis, 0385/22672
King Alexander, 0385/23501
Lygkos, 0385/28322
Poulia, 0385/70625
Tottis, 0385/22645
Antogoni, 0385/23180

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