You are viewing the ellada site. This site is dedicated to information on touring Greece, with specific travel and visa details for residents or nationals of the US, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Britain and New Zealand. Information on Greece is applicable to any visitor.

To help the reader in Greek words, placenames and other words are transliterated so that their pronunciation is the same as when spoken in Greek. Thus the town Thesalon�ki, would have the accent on the 'i,' and should be spoken with the emphasis on it. Other accents include 'Stere�' and 'Gial�s' with the emphasis on the last o. Some words are also spelled with 'ee' to denote the e as in 'quIckly' and the 'ou' as in withOUt.

The information on the sites is common to all. The following signs are used:

Clicking here takes you to the home (first) page.
This means camping sites near the area.
Clicking here allows you to e-mail comments to the authors.
This means hotels, pensions or places to stay. They are entered with the better ones at the top and the cheapest ones at the bottom in the lists.
This means the village has ancient temples or artifacts.

In order to have printed information for your trip to Greece, you are encouraged to print out the pages of site descriptions and take them with you. Using a good map you should be able to follow the descriptions as you move around.

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