This description provides information of ancient sites, seaside resorts, churches, monasteries, landscapes and small towns and villages. Additional details can be found in various books printed on Greece, such as the 'Blue Guide to Greece.' The names of places conform to the accented Greek pronounciation which would be the one a traveller would face upon a potential visit.

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Modern Greek PAXOS or PAXO�, (POP 2247) the smallest of the seven major Ionian Islands of Greece, 8 miles (19 km) southwest of P�rga on the coast of Epirus. A hilly mass of limestone covered with olive groves, Paxos rises to about 750 feet (230 m). G��os on the east coast is the chief village and port. Papandi, the bishop's residence, stands near the centre with several quaint churches and belfries. Tourism is increasingly a source of revenue.

By boat from Mourto (Sivota) and Igoumenitsa in Epirus, from Patra and from Kerkyra.

Gaios is the lovely green capital of the island with the islets of St Nicholas (with its well preserved Middle-Age fort dating from 1423, the old wind mill and the Panagia Monastery) and Panagia at the mouth of its bay. It has lately become popular with tourists. The church of St Nicholas has interesting frescoes and it displays very characteristic Heptanisa architectural features.

Lakka Lovely green village 8km from the town with many olive groves and pine trees. The houses are all painted blue or brown. The byzantine church of Ipapanti is worth visiting. From its bell tower you will get an unforgettable view of mountain and sea. Close by are the beaches of Harami and Monodendri and you can take a boat ride to Arkoudaki and Orko.

Beautiful area with very popular beaches and ski facilities. Nearby are the famous forty sea caves, the Graves. If they are approached from the sea they take your breath away! They are spread out over about 5km and some are like palaces while others are so beautiful as to appear magical.

This is a small island just 3 miles from Gaios. It is connected by boat and boasts spectacular beaches, crystal clear waters and magnificent views. Many grape vines and hospitable people.

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