Please note the following videos are available in Real Audio/Video format. To use this format, just click on it and it will start to play. You must download and install the FREE Real Player by clicking here, saving the file and double clicking on it - For more help you can also visit the Real Player site. The new version RealG2 works as well - it does not need to be set to HTTP; it does this automatically!.

The videos have been withdrawn for the time being. They are available on the CD-ROM. Full quality, Real Video format videos and clips for your enjoyment. Sonds are also packaged in AU (Linux/Unix) and WAV (windows) formats. To get the Ellada 2000 CD-ROM please click here. It is only $19.95, including worldwide postage!. We will try and bring them back as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding!
Many more coming soon

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