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Television Greece (Ell�da) has a real plethora of TV stations serving every type of interest. There are three state owned TV channels, ET1 (Ellinik� Tile�rasi), ET2 and ET3 (for Macedonia). ET1 is the main channel while ET2 is the 'younger' channel and the third is regional.

These channels operate from about 10 am until 2 am every day. The main news are at 6pm (not always exactly at 6) and 9pm (not always exactly at 9). There is another news bulletin at around midnight, when the film, if any is shown, is interrupted for the newscast.

All the TV series and films are shown in the original language, subtitled, which is great news for non-Greek speakers. ET1 also has a satellite TV service for mainland Europe so that Greeks abroad can keep in touch with home.

ET2 used to be YENED (the Armed forces TV channel) but changed years ago into an up-and-coming TV channel with a mainly young audience.

These three channels are funded by TV licenses as well as 'masses' of advertising.

There are however many more channels operating in Greece of which the better known are Megachannel, Sk�i (no relation with Rupert Murdock's TV channels) and Antenna which can also be seen in the US via satellite, with an encrypted service available on subscription.

In addition many other foreign channels are re-broadcast on UHF TV frequencies, such as CNN, TV5, Euronews, NBC/SuperChannel and RAI, thereby making them available to anyone with a TV antenna (every house and appartment has one!). The Television system used to be SECAM but since 1992 it has became PAL B/G. Most European visitors with television sets in caravans and the like, will have no problems. Visitors from the UK or Ireland will only get video but no sound and their TVs should be re-adjusted for sound separation. US/Canadian visitors with TVs, will get a black and white picture and no sound either. Their TV sets can be re-adjusted for the sound but their color will still be absent. If you can't get a multisystem TV set, then buying a TV in Greece is an alternative with the cheapest color TVs costing about DRA 65000 (about $300).

Radio There is a big network of radio stations in Greece. For example, Athens has no available frequencies left on FM!. For non-Greek speakers, there are special radio programs in English at abnormal hours, such as 6 am and midnight.

Most radio stations are in FM with some of the state radios also available on AM/Medium Wave. At night you can hear BBC and Voice of America in Medium wave.

If you are homesick, and you have one of the many world band radios available (check Hamradio outlet or AES for pricing and details) you can listen to shortwave frequencies.

  • BBC on 12095MHz and 15170MHz, daily
  • Voice of America on 792KHz (Medium Wave), 12205MHz (mornings) and 15245MHz.
  • Radio Canada International on 17820MHz, 15325MHz or 11945MHz.
  • Radio Australia on 21745MHz, 11695MHz, 15240MHz, 11660MHz or 11720MHz.
  • Radio Vlanders International in Flemish on 9905MHz and 13685MHz or 5910MHz.
Greek Radio station ET5 programs aimed to overseas listeners. You would need a shortwave radio to get these progranms, but they are easily captured. The following list displays the news items; for Greek Music listen from the top of the hour given.
  • EDT 8:40pm English (North America) 7.450MHz, 9.420MHz, 9.375MHz
  • EDT 11:40pm English (North America) 7.450MHz, 9.420MHz, 9.375MHz
  • GMT 06:10am English (Europe, Australia) 7.430MHz, 7.450MHz, 9.375MHz, 9.420MHz
  • GMT 12:40 English (Africa) 15.630MHz
  • GMT 13:35 (8:30am EST) English (N.America, Europe) 9.425MHz, 12.105MHz, 15.530
  • GMT 18:40 English (Africa) 12.105MHz, 15.630MHz
  • GMT 19:00 English (Europe) 7.475MHz, 9.375MHz, 792 MW
  • GMT 22:40 English (Australia) 7.475MHz, 9.425MHz
  • EDT 7:40pm English (North America) 9.420MHz, 11.645MHz, 7.450MHz, 9.400MHz

Frequencies of Radio stations in Greece (a selection of the main ones)
NorthWest Greece
  • ERA 1 88.6
  • ERA 2 89.6
  • ERA 3 92
  • FLORINA 96.6 also on 1278 MW
  • 3rd Channel 104
  • Macedonia 1 95.8 also on 1044 MW
  • Macedonia 2 94.8 also on 1179 MW
  • Thesaloniki 94.8

  • North East Greece
  • ERA 1 88.6
  • ERA 2 89.6
  • ERA 3 92
  • KAVALA 96.3 also on 1602 MW
  • SERRES 101.5 also on 1584 MW
  • Macedonia 1 95.8 also on 1044 MW
  • Macedonia 2 94.8 also on 1179 MW
  • Thesaloniki 94.8

  • Athens Area
  • ERA 1 91.6
  • ERA 2 93.6
  • ERA 3 95.6
  • ERA SPOR 101.8 also on 1000 MW
  • SKY 100.4
  • ANTENNA 97.1

  • ERA 1 88.4 or 92.3
  • ERA 2 90.4 or 94.3
  • EGEON 104.4
  • Channel 3 93.6
  • Radio City 102.5
  • Delta 96.3
  • Rhodes 92.7 also on 1494 MW
  • Apollon 98.2

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