This description provides information of ancient sites, seaside resorts, churches, monasteries, landscapes and small towns and villages. Additional details can be found in various books printed on Greece, such as the 'Blue Guide to Greece.' The names of places conform to the accented Greek pronounciation which would be the one a traveller would face upon a potential visit.

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Mykonos is the best known and most representative of things Cycladid: sun, beach, entertainment, freedom and ease of life. Highlighted in many films, including "Shirley Valentine," it is the island that had more famous visitors that any other including, John Kennedy, Jaqueline Onasis, the shipping magnate Niarhos, Herbert von Karajan, the Shah of Iran, Sorajia (his wife) and countless others. Its fame can be directly attributed to its natural beauty, the ease which which the locals accept the foreigners and the availability of quiet beaches.

This was many years ago and over the years, the island became a heaven for gays, drugs and, the ubiquitous rock and roll (even the Hard Rock Cafe has an outlet here!).

Lately, the island is trying to re-establish itself as the Greek Mecca for well-off travellers, alas not very easily. The thing in its favor is that it is becoming very expensive to stay and the island of Ios which has been taking people from Mykonos steadily (thank God, as the locals would say).

Mykonos prices are on a par with Western European prices, not Greek prices (except the Souvlaki which is still cheap food). The prices of Hotels are now about $100 per night, especially the ones right on the beach, and food prices are likewise. There are more varieties of bars than in London (there are two Irish pubs offering draft Guiness), and more variety of nightlife than anywhere else in Greece.

The locals are multi-billionaires (in dollar terms!) and they only work because they have nothing else to do (one that I know runs a small boat serving Plati Gial�s and beaches nearby).

Even though there are many negatives, this is a foreigners favorite Greek island, if you are looking for an entertaining holiday. The airport accepts planes from all over Europe directly meaning that a Boeing 737 can land here, non-stop from most European airports. It can't take off with full fuel load however, meaning that return journeys are always via alternate, bigger airports, like Santorini.

Mykonos earth is gold. What normaly is given free in other places, here costs alot of money. A house that was built for $1000 back in the sixties, now goes for more than $1 million. Campings (there are many sites) cost about $15 per night - price includes million mosquitos. So why do people come here by the droves?

  • Firstly because to see Delos, you must come here.
  • Secondly, because to experience the place you must come here.
  • Thirdly because you have heard so much about it, you absolutely have to do what the 'Joneses' have done before you!.
Mykonos itself has absolutely nothing historical to see. Delos , an island which is only 10 nautical miles away has, but unless you get to the Hora or Plati Gialos at 8am you will miss it (all boats leave very early and must return from Delos in the early afternoon - noone is allowed to stay there).

The highlight of a Mykonian visit is the style of house, cubic, all white with tower like tops and outside stairs. Balconies are always adorned with beatiful flowery plants like Begonias and Basilic. There are still some weaving machines in use (for the tourists) used in the old days for wedding dresses for the local ladies.

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The mascot of the Island is a Pelican, called P�tros, and has been called Petros since time immemorial, obviouly many re-incarnations since the first edition. It can be seen trying to bite tourists at the port.

The island is basically Italian in August (at the time of Italian vacation time) so try to avoid it that time, if you can. It is French in the final two weeks of July(French vacation time), so that best time to visit in either late May, June or early September, although when the Melt�mi starts (the summer-time northern wind beating the Eastern Kyklades), September will be quickly regretted.

Transport: There are between 3 and 16 flights per day from Athens (info: 01/966 6666) as are countless other charter jets arriving from Europe. From Pireaus you can get there by ferry and there are 3 per day in the summer and daily in the winter (they also stop in Andros and Tinos) (info: 01/422 6000 or 0289-22490). From Rafina there are also ferry boats, twice daily in summer, daily in the winter (info: 0294/22888). From Mykonos you can visit from of the Aegean islands including Crete and Rhodes (info: 0289/22218).

The Paraportiani church

Hora is the main town of Mykonos, swamped by tourists in the summer, when its population rises from about 1200 (winter average) to 25000 in the summer.

Highlight is the Church of Paraportian�, the Museum, the site of the Three Pig�dia (three wells) where water was procured in previous years and the absolutely wonderful beaches.

The Mykonos Venice is also in evidence. Favorite spots would be fresh fish (not always available) at the port, the Hotel Leto-Xenia (the best and oldest) and any of the multitude of restaurants on the seaside.

View of Plati Yialos

The best beach in the island of Mykono, what used to be a swamp, now full of hotels spread everywhere on the beach.

The starting point for Caiques taking visitors to the nudist beaches of Paradise, Super paradise and hyper paradise.

The main inland town on the island, located near the only hill and the proud owner of the Monastery of Panagi� Tourlian�. Every August 15, there is a major Panig�ri (street fair) taking place here, where foreigners and locals can take part far from the 'maddening croud' of the beaches.

The north facing beach and a great site for windsurfing. Not to be missed by those seeking the winds.

The nearby island of Delos, an extremely important ancient site, in par with Delphi, Ep�davros and Ol�mpia. A full description of D�los can be found elsewhere.

Mykonos Camping, 0289/24578, holds up to 100 tents, on the beach and has super market, taverna, music.
Paradiseia akti, 0289/22129, holds up to 76 tents, supermarket, taverna, on the beach, near Platy Gialos.

Gerani, 0289/22867
Irida, (apr-Oct)
Santa Marina, 0289/ 23220 (Apr-Oct)
Santa Marina, 0289/23220
There are rooms for rent in Hora, Agios Stefanos, Tourlos, Ornos, Platy Gialos and Kalafatis. Enquire upon your arrival or call any hotel number above for more information.

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