Travel Agencies for Elláda/Agences de Voyage pour la Gréce

This is the company that handles student travel in Canada. You probably know them by now. If you dont, then keep in mind that:
  • There are big discounts for students with valid student IDs (up to 50% in some cases!)
  • They offer special deals for students, catering for more than just travel.
  • They have offices in: Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Alberta and Halifax.
  • Their address in Toronto is: 187 College street, Toronto, 416/979-2406.

There are thousands of travel agencies in Canada. We will only be able to suggest some of them that we have seen. However, you may also want to try the electronic travel agency, Reservation Deskwhich allows you to work out travel itineraries and purchase tickets from your desktop computer using the Web!

Some Travel agencies we have seen include:(Fares from Montreal/Toronto are suggested:

  • Nouvelles Frontieres, 800 blvd de Maisonneuve Est, Montreal, 514/288 9942
  • Sample prices would be about C$1500 for a return ticket.

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